Slug: Search for Greencastle School Superintendent Will Continue

No permanent superintendent was found for the Greencastle Community School Corporation after a search this summer. The search began after former superintendent Dawn Puckett announced her intention to retire last Spring. The School Board received 16 applications and began unsuccessful negotiations with one. School Board President, Denise Sigworth says the board didn’t continue with their second choice because they have high standards.

We want the best: 5 seconds “…best for our school and our community”

These high standards come from a fear of losing the unprecedented level of trust Mrs. Puckett created between teachers, staff and the board

Rocky Period: 8 seconds “…Mrs. Puckett was the person who brought us through that period”

Continuing this culture of trust is a top priority for Denise Sigworth. The Board will begin their search again in March. Until then Sigworth says that she has faith in the interim superintendent Jeff Hubble.


(We want the best is Denise Sigworth saying the school board wants their first choice,
Rocky Period is Sigworth saying that before Superintendent Puckett there was a rocky period that she helped them get out of)